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What to Expect - PLEASE READ

Where & How Long

Your child’s lesson will last 30 minutes and will take place at my home at 4 Lawton Ct, Frisco, TX 75033. We are in the Trails of Frisco near Main and Teel. 



Please park IN MY DRIVEWAY or in front of my house, if the driveway is not available.  Please only bring ONE car per family. These rules are especially important and I must insist they be followed. Please help me be respectful of my neighbors so I can continue offering lessons for years to come.


Covid 19 Updates

The medical release has a Covid 19 screening that must be filled out on the Monday of lessons. The form and payment will be put in a touch free box. Each student will need to provide his/her own goggles. Parents will be allowed in the backyard only on Friday, and only in the designated areas to watch, 6 ft apart. As the state restrictions change, Ms Erin's Swim School will adapt week by week.

What to Bring

Please send your child with a towel & a pair of goggles if they will wear them. I allow goggles but NO masks because it covers their nose & prevents them from learning how to blow bubbles to keep water out of their nose. (TYR & Speedo youth size are my favorites.)


Things to Do Before You Come

Please start talking about how much fun they are going to have learning how to swim. Your children will follow your cues. If you are excited, they probably will be as well. Encourage them throughout the week that they will do great, to listen nicely to Mrs. Erin. Please don't get discouraged if they don't want to come the second day - it is completely normal & they will usually talk about how much fun they had the entire way home by the 2nd or 3rd day.Please have your little swimmer use the bathroom just before you leave home to come for lessons. I find children may say they have to go potty to avoid trying this new skill.

Please know that my restroom is inside, so I cannot exit the pool with each child and monitor them in the restroom.


Do You Stay?

It is important that your child learn to trust me without running to you when I ask them to do something they are a little afraid of doing. I need them to understand that swimming lessons is 30 minutes of learning time with me & that they can’t run to you when they don’t want to doing something. Monday & Tuesday for sure, I need you to be invisible to your child. You can wait by the gate or in the driveway but your child does not need to know you are there. Tuesday is most often the hardest day for younger children so expect a few tears & look forward to Friday when they will be much more confident in their abilities. The last 15 mins of class on Friday is a “show time” where your child will be excited to demonstrate everything he or she has learned.



Group Lessons are $150 for the week per child, with $50 non-refundable fee paid when booking and the remaining $100 to be paid the first day of class. I will have a large Ziploc bag on the patio table beside the pool for payment if you have chosen not to pay via PayPal. I accept cash or check. If you are paying by cash, please place your cash in an envelope with your name on the front so I will know who has paid. Things can get a little busy at lesson turn over & sometimes I can't make a note of who has paid cash. Should your child become sick during the week, I will make my very best effort to fit in a makeup lesson. I do have a NO REFUNDS policy because my classes are so small so that I can give your children the best swim lesson setup possible.


In Case of Rain

We WILL swim if it sprinkles without thunder or lightening. However, if thunder or lightening are present we will NOT swim. If it rains during our scheduled lesson I will text & email everyone that we are canceling lessons. I will also post the cancellation on my Facebook page. I will do makeups at the same time on Saturday the week of your lessons.


Friday Skills Show

The last 15 minutes of class on Friday you are welcome to bring cameras, video cameras, etc. to record the skills your child has learned. I will also take that time to go over skills to work on throughout the summer to improve their swimming technique. I want parents to know all of my teaching techniques so that they can help their children succeed and continue to build upon the skills they learned during lessons.