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I teach a SMALL number of private lessons for ages 2 & up. Each class lasts 25 minutes & is one on one time with Ms. Erin and your child to help them learn at his or her level with individual attention.


Classes are Monday-Friday with Saturday used as a rain make-up day.


Private lessons are best for children who might learn better in a one on one setting with no distractions & children who might be intimidated by a group setting.


Please do keep in mind that I keep my group lessons very small with only 4 children & 2 instructors. I believe that group lessons are the most fun & effective way for most children to learn how to swim. They receive a lot of individual attention & have the ability to watch other children learn the same skill they are learning. However, some children do need one on one attention without any other distractions which is why I do offer private lessons.


Private lessons cost $275 per week with no discounts available for additional weeks of private lessons

Private Lessons